Systems Quality and Implementation Issues

  • Priti Srinivas Sajja


The chapter discusses issues related to the systems quality and implementation as well as activities related to systems development. The chapter presents objectives for good-quality and reliable systems by giving major approaches to the systems reliability such as error avoidance, error detection and corrections, and error tolerance. The chapter also discusses possible causes of errors in the system. Various types of maintenance are also discussed in this chapter. Various methods exist to assure quality of a system, prime of which are testing, verification and validation, and certification. This chapter discusses these methods in brief. It is clear that the testing certifies the quality of a system. This chapter presents in-depth discussion on the testing techniques with various testing strategies, test data, and special systems tests. For implementation, training to the various stakeholders of the system is must. Topics such as in-house training, users training, operators training, etc. are discussed. The chapter presents a brief overview on post implementation review and methods for systems time and effort estimations. At the end of the chapter, practice questions and objective questions with answers are provided.

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