Structured Systems Development Approach

  • Priti Srinivas Sajja


This chapter discusses structured systems development approach. The chapter defines the structured systems development approach and establishes the need of the approach. The chapter discusses with many illustrations the function hierarchy charts and data flow diagram (DFD). Notations and examples of data flow diagrams are well presented in this chapter. To name a few, context-level and detailed-level data flow diagrams are discussed for product inventory, student attendance, bank ATM transactions, library management systems, and outdoor hospital management systems. The chapter also discusses notion of physical and logical data flow diagrams. The importance and usage of such data flow diagrams are also discussed. Many times users do some common mistakes while developing data flow diagrams. These mistakes are discussed in depth with necessary examples as well as many graphical illustrations representing different situations. Further, the chapter discusses concept of data dictionary by considering its use, its components, and its advantages. At the end, the chapter discusses the function-oriented approach and object-oriented approach by taking a common system and providing design hints in both the ways. The practice questions at the end consider various real-life situations and present data flow diagram for the same, besides concept-based questions and answers. In some of the examples, invalid data flow diagram (diagram with false data) is provided with required corrections. Objective questions are also provided in this chapter with answers.


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