Wavelet Technique-Based Fault Classification in Transmission Lines

  • Avagaddi PrasadEmail author
  • J. Belwin Edward
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Power systems constitute a very big part of the electrical system pertaining in the current world. Each and every part of this system plays a very big role in the availability of the electrical power one utilizes at their homes, industries, offices, factories, etc. Power system constitutes of generation, utilization, distribution, and most importantly transmission of electricity. Any fault in any of these portions of the system causes a lot of trouble for the maintenance of the system. Overhead lines are the significant constituents of the power system and the issues happening are real purpose of concern toward this work. This paper aims to identify both the presence of faults and also the type of the fault in order to reach the conclusion to apply the best possible measure to reduce the loss that may be caused due to the fault. In order to do that simulation-based model in MATLAB is used and a code is realized in order to find out the detailed coefficient and energy of these coefficients of the faulty current signal. The coefficients are found out through the discrete wavelet transform. These characteristic features of the signal help identify and classify the fault type quickly. The GUI-based model of the code helps to bring down the human effort to calculate or compute the results.


Fault Fault detection Fault classification Multi-resolution analysis Wavelet technique 


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