Thermal Analysis of Inverter-Fed Induction Motor

  • Sunam SahaEmail author
  • Mohammed Nasir Ansari
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Reducing the size and cost and increasing the energy efficiency and optimal loading of the motor have a direct impact on the temperature rise of the motor. Motor needs to be operated such that its temperature rise is within the prescribed safe limit. Therefore, easy and precise temperature rise determination of motor becomes critical. Thermal models of motor are widely used for temperature determination. In this paper, a modified thermal model is proposed using which the temperature rise of induction motor fed from raw supply and inverter-fed supply is determined. The parameters of the thermal model are also determined.


Thermal analysis Induction motor Inverter Lumped parameter Temperature rise 



Radial conduction thermal resistance of the stator yoke lower half part


Radial conduction thermal resistance of the stator yoke upper half part


Convection thermal resistance between stator teeth and air gap


Convection thermal resistance between rotor and air gap


Radial conduction thermal resistance of the stator teeth


Axial conduction thermal resistance of the shaft


Convection thermal resistance between stator winding, external connection and inner air


Convection thermal resistance between stator winding, external connection and external case


Convection thermal resistance between internal air and end caps


Conduction thermal resistance between stator copper and stator slot


Natural convection thermal resistance between external case and ambient


Rotor copper loss


Stator iron loss


Stator copper loss


Resistance in the stator conductor


Resistance between stator and rotor


Resistance between stator and yolk


Resistance in the rotor conductor


Resistance between rotor and external case


Stator copper loss


Rotor copper loss


Stator iron loss


Temperature at outer stator surface


Temperature at outer rotor surface

\(\Delta P_{i}\)

Losses in the ith node (some are zero)


Temperature rise on the ith node

\(\propto_{ik }\)

Thermal conductivities between ith and the kth node (some are zero)


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