Energy-Aware Data Aggregation Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network

  • M. AmbigavathiEmail author
  • D. Sridharan
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A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an exigent technology and it has huge number of applications in disaster management, health monitoring, military, security, and so on. This network faces some critical barriers like fault tolerance, energy consumption due to heterogeneous traffic loads and redundant data transmission. In which, nodes are miniscule and have restricted capability of processing with reduced power of battery. This limitation of reduced power of battery makes the sensor network prone to failure. Data aggregation is a vital technique for active data processing in WSN. With the support of data aggregation, the energy depletion is minimized by eliminating redundant data or by decreasing the number of sent packets. This study reviews various data aggregation techniques such as clustered aggregation, tree-based aggregation, in-network aggregation, and centralized data aggregation with focus on energy consumption of sensor nodes.


Wireless sensor networks Data aggregation techniques Energy efficiency 


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