Cost Optimization of a Ring Frame Unit

  • Rathinadurai Louis Helen CatherineEmail author
  • A. Soundarrajan
  • Josephine Rathinadurai Louis
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India focuses on many sectors out of which much of its growth in energy consumption is expected to occur in the countries outside the Organisation for Co-operation Economic and Development (OCED) known as non-OCED where demand will be drawn by strong, long-term economic growth and India fits into this particular category. In this research, the spinning mill is considered for optimizing the parameters regarding the energy management with the real-time data taken from a ring frame unit of spinning mill, analysis is done to find the feasible operating conditions with the aim of minimizing the energy cost and increasing the profitability of the sector, thereby suggesting for the spinning mill sector in India.


Cost optimization Doff time Energy management Ring frame unit Spinning mill 


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