Central Bank Balance Sheet

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As shown in Table 11.1, China central Bank Balance Sheet consists of two primary items: assets and liabilities, each of which has the following two secondary items. The assets and liabilities and their structural changes of the central bank in China over the years are analyzed as follows.
Table 11.1

China central bank balance sheet (subject setting)



Foreign assets

Reserve money (M1)

Foreign exchanges

Currency issue (M0)

Monetary gold

Deposits of financial corporations

Other foreign assets

Deposits of other depository corporations

Claims on government

Deposits of other financial corporations

Incl.: the central government

Deposits of financial corporations excluded from reserve money

Claims on other depository corporations

Bonds issue

Claims on other financial corporations

External liabilities

Claims on non-financial sectors

Government deposits

Other assets

Funds owned by bank


Other liabilities

Total assets

Total liabilities

Source The Monetary Authorities and the Balance Sheet in 2008 prepared by the People’s Bank of China

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