Concluding Remarks and Policy Implications

  • Yongmei Hu
  • Wenyan Liang
  • Yipeng Tang
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In today’s world, innovation capacity in science and technology has become the determinant of a nation’s comprehensive power, and first-class research universities are the essential bases for sustainably fostering innovative products and nurturing innovative talents. It’s no doubt that the possession of world-class research universities, is not only a mark of the development level of a country’s higher education, but also an evidence of the innovation capacity of one country, as well as a symbol of the country’s comprehensive strength, and an urgent need for a country’s economic and social development reaching a certain stage. As a result, at this key stage of upgrading human capital and transforming economic and industrial structure, it’s a necessity to build up a group of world-class universities for guaranteeing the long-term stability of Chinese society and economy in the new normal.


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