College Students’ Online Purchase Intention in Big Data Era

  • Ou LiuEmail author
  • Zhonghui Shi
  • Woonkian Chong
  • Ka-Lok Man
  • Chi-On Chan
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There are huge amounts of data produced and accumulated in the business world every day. Business firms and other organizations are interested in discovering new business insight from the big data through Big Data Analytics (BDA) to increase business performance. This chapter discusses the application of BDA in e-commerce, and its impact on customers’ online purchase intention. We focus on the sample of college students because of the younger generation’s significant online purchasing power. To verify the hypothesized model, a survey method is adopted to collect data, and the Generalized Linear Model is used to analyse the data. The empirical study validates the hypothesized model and reveals the factors that affect customers’ online purchase intention.


Big data Big data analytics College student E-commerce Online retailing Purchase intention 


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