Performance Analysis of Proprietary and Non Proprietary Tools for Industry Based Regression Testing Using IIGRTCP Algorithm

  • K. Hema ShankariEmail author
  • R. ThirumalaiSelvi
  • N. V. Balasubramanian
Conference paper


Software maintenance is an expensive activity in Software Industry Regression testing is an integral part of this activity. Any modification to software is verified through Regression Testing. This paper presents a methodology for setting priority for regression test cases. The first case study serves as illustration for the approach, While the second, an industry based case study elaborates the use of genetic algorithm incorporated in the methodology. Automation tools such as Selenium tool and RFT is discussed to explain how it can be integrated with the methodology. Previous research work and the disparity between the academic and industry communities are discussed. Both the research community and the software industry have paid substantial attention to it. This paper is a survey of the current practice, how the open source tool is used. The goal of our research is to improve the control of regression testing and reduce redundant testing through proper selection strategies. The proposed Improvised Industry oriented Genetic algorithm for Regression Test case Prioritization (IIGRTP) is compared with previous approach of using APFD metric combined with the use of selenium tool to automate the generation of test cases.


APFD metric Genetic algorithm Regression Testing Selenium tool Test case prioritization Test suite 


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  2. 2.Department of Computer ScienceWomen’s Christian CollegeChennaiIndia
  3. 3.Govt. Arts College (Men)ChennaiIndia
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