Cloud-Based Pollution Scheming System Using Raspberry Pi

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Pollution is increasing with time and measures to control the same needs to be taken or not now but later, the whole range of living beings have to suffer due to ignored issue of increasing pollution. Amalgamation of trending technologies with the control measures can be the best choice. This paper aims at development of a centralized cloud-based system with a self-determining machine using Raspberry Pi that can monitor and control pollution in the location of heavy traffics or in industries, and collected data can be stored on cloud server that can be accessed through Web browser from anywhere using provided log-in credentials. Due to real-time monitoring of environment, quick actions can be taken for the presence of pollutants around and this can help in controlling pollution with preventive measures. System will sense and detect the contents/pollutants in the environment that will be controlled using a controller and control measures, which will also have sensing capabilities; this data will be communicated with cloud server using Raspberry Pi interface and with log-in credentials. This complete data can be accessed using Web browser anywhere in the world with Internet connection.


Air pollution Environmental pollution Sensors Cloud computing Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Internet of Vehicles 


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