Smart Bike Through Server Using GPS Technology

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Population is increasing day by day and everyone uses bike for personal work. Cases of bike accidents and bike thefts are also increasing simultaneously. Connection of all bikes with a centralized server by inserting a programmable chip in bike starting mechanism which will control the speed of bike, authenticate the user by key and allow ON/OFF of engine, stores the vehicle identification number (VIN) and also tell the location of bike by using Global Positioning System (GPS). User can ask for details of bike location by contacting server and can also make bike engine stop in case of theft. If chip is removed from the bike, connection between battery and server will be lost and bike will not be able to start in any case. By using GPS, speed of bike is also managed automatically i.e., rider will not able to exceed speed of bike more than limit of road. This will decrease the ratio of accidents on road; speed will be maintained and lost or theft bike can be caught easy.


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