A New Approach Toward Sorting Technique: Dual-Sort Extraction Technique (DSET)

  • Darpan ShahEmail author
  • Kuntesh Jani
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 10)


There is a huge demand for efficient and high scalable sorting techniques to analyze data. Earlier many researchers have proposed various sorting algorithms such as heap sort, merge sort, and bubble sort,. Some of them are very popular in achieving efficient data sorting at a great extent like heap sort and merge sort. Increase in the amount of data has also lead to increase in complexity of sorting algorithms leading to decreased speed and efficiency. For this a new sorting technique named “Dual-Sort Extraction Technique (DSET)”, with two levels of data sorting extraction is proposed which enhances the performance and efficiency of the algorithm.


Sorting Extraction Swapping Iteration 



First of all, I would like to thanks my parents who encourage me for my every effort on this precious work. I am thankful to Mr. Kuntesh K Jani who is always standing beside me and appreciate my work. He always motivates me to do this type of job. I am also grateful to many people for their help in writing this research paper.


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