Authentication Framework for Cloud Machine Deletion

  • Pooja Dubey
  • Vineeta Tiwari
  • Shweta Chawla
  • Vijay Chauhan
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 10)


Today Digital Investigation on the cloud platform is a challenging task. As cloud follows notion of pay as you demand people are attracted to adopting this technology. But an unclear understanding of control, trust and transparency are the challenges behind the less adoption by most companies. Investigation in the cloud platform is hard to collect the strong evidences because resource allocation, dynamic network policy are facilitated on demand request fulfillment. This is why, it is difficult to perform forensic analysis in such a virtualized environment because the state of the system changes frequently. Even to prevent the deletion of system on cloud is a tough task. This paper will cover all the theoretical concepts of cloud along with the challenges presented in NIST guidelines. Through this paper, we explore the existing frameworks, loopholes, and suggest some possible solutions that will be a roadmap for forensic analysis in future.


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  • Pooja Dubey
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  • Vineeta Tiwari
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  • Shweta Chawla
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  • Vijay Chauhan
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