Dynamic Scheduling of Elevators with Reduced Waiting Time of Passengers in Elevator Group Control System: Fuzzy System Approach

  • Malan D. SaleEmail author
  • V. Chandra Prakash
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From the commercial point of view, in tall buildings with multiple lifts or elevators, owners face problems like waste of space, more managing time and money. People travelling by lifts face problem of high waiting time. Elevator Group Control System (EGCS) manages several elevators in tall buildings for efficient carrying of passengers. Waiting time of people and car are major factors affecting the performance of EGCS. EGCS organizes elevators to reduce the performance evaluation measures. But, it is hard to achieve all measures. Hence, here we deal with the improvement of performance by reducing waiting time of the passengers. The proposed system introduces dynamic scheduling algorithm to schedule elevators dynamically. The proposed system uses fuzzy logic to schedule and dispatch the elevators. The main motive of the research work is to diminish the passenger’s waiting time and car allocation time.


Elevator group control system EGCS Fuzzy controller Up-peak traffic Down-peak traffic 


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