Anatomization of Software Quality Factors: Measures and Metrics

  • Aditi KumarEmail author
  • Madhulika Bhatia
  • Anchal Garg
  • Madhurima
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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”, this quote by Lord Kelvin is very much applicable to the world of Software Quality as well. Quality of software can be described as the extent to which it performs the task that the user has specified. It can be expressed in terms of multiple factors like reliability, readability, supportability et al. It can be best described as the amalgamation of these multiple factors. Not only the identification of factors but also of the metrics and measures were done by studying and analyzing various research papers and keeping them as the primary foundation. This paper focus on investigating the measures that is already available to determine the different quality factors. The results obtained are advantageous for software developers, researchers and academicians to recognize and distinguish the cadent used to dimension the different quality characteristics of the software. Moreover, the work focuses at giving some suggestions, using the potential deficiencies detected as a foundation.


Software measures Analytics Quality factors 


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