Cloud VM/Instance Monitor Phase-II (CIM-PII) Subsystem of eCloudIDS

  • Madhan Kumar SrinivasanEmail author
  • P. Revathy
  • Keerthi Balasundaram
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Today cloud computing has established itself as a paradigm in delivering day-to-day on-demand solutions for most of the world’s IT corporates making it undoubtedly the most cost efficient method to use, maintain, and upgrade. Apart from the technical features, the corporate world is strongly driven by the striking ‘pay-as-you-go’ service model. Though the cloud has its advantages, organizations are apprehensive in migrating to a public cloud owing to its severe security challenges. Considering the fact that in present business world, data being an important enterprise asset, it needs to be protected with the highest priority. eCloudIDS, a next-generation security framework designed with a hybrid innovative two-tier expert engine is poised to be one of the most suitable security solution for cloud computing environments. The aim of eCloudIDS is to secure the environment of VMs on which the customers’ applications and data are deployed. One of the subsystem of eCloudIDS is the ‘CIM—Cloud VM/Instance Monitor’ responsible for monitoring the user events on the user specified VMs and instances. CIM is accountable for observing all the events of both authorized and unauthorized users (hackers) and advances them further for an instant capture of each and every activity for the configured VMs. In its initial phase (CIM-PI), the design and implementation of CIM was a successful prototypical experimentation that achieved the monitoring functionality at cloud virtual machine on an open source cloud computing software CloudStack enabled private test-bed. This work bolstered by the research findings and progress made subsequent to CIM-PI, describes the phase-II design and implementation of eCloudIDS architecture’s ‘Cloud VM/Instance Monitor (CIM-PII)’ with an enhanced monitoring and administration capabilities at VM operating system level including support of heterogeneity in logs.


Cloud security eCloudIDS iCloudIDM CIM-PII State-of-the-art cloud computing security taxonomies Cloud security framework 


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