Cloud Security-Random Attribute Based Encryption

  • V. HavishaEmail author
  • P. V. Padmavathi
  • S. V. Ramanamurthy
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Cloud computing, to reduce the capital and operational costs, shares computing resources rather than establishing local servers to handle applications. But Cloud computing could not take off because of security issues. Major challenges in building a secure and trustworthy cloud system are: Outsourcing (don’t know where your servers are, how many copies of your data are kept and who all have access to your data physically and programmatically), Multi-tenancy (What type of programs are running along with your program on the same virtual machine), and massive shared physical and logical storage, computing power and bandwidth over internet. The traditional security mechanisms like PKI, RSA, DES etc. are not suitable for Cloud data as the keys can be deciphered (The minimum key length has increased from 32 bits to 512 bits today). This paper proposes a novel encryption technique where the key for each segment (row or tuple) of data is changed to a part (attribute value) of the data itself. This mechanism makes sure that no person can decrypt the data without having access to the Key Attribute Table, which is stored on a local server or in a different cloud.


Cloud PKI RSA DES Encryption Security 


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  • V. Havisha
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    Email author
  • P. V. Padmavathi
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  • S. V. Ramanamurthy
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