Effect of Loading Dielectric Made of Silicone Rubber on Microstrip Antenna

  • Ishmeet Singh RiarEmail author
  • Suman Wadkar
  • Avinash Vaidya
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 7)


The design of dielectric loaded microstrip antenna (MSA) is presented in this paper. The substrate and dielectric load of MSA are made up of silicone rubber polymer, which has measured dielectric constant of 5.01 at 1 GHz. The resonant frequency of MSA is 24.35 GHz (K Band). Significant gain improvement of over 3 dB is obtained when the MSA is loaded with dielectric. The value of VSWR is also less than 2 in frequency range from 24.25 to 24.45 GHz. Measured results indicate that efficient directive radiation pattern is generated by the antenna in the frequency band of interest and is suitable candidate for Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS) applications such as two-way high-speed communication and transfer of graphic images. The design and simulation of the MSA is carried using Computer Simulation Technology studio suite.


Silicone rubber MSA Dielectric cover 


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  • Suman Wadkar
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  • Avinash Vaidya
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