The Facilitator Perspective: The Decisions and Actions That Strategise Teacher Self-Directed Learning

  • Kathleen Smith
Part of the Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices book series (STEP, volume 18)


This chapter examines the facilitator actions that actively positioned teachers as self-directed learners enabling them to explore the potential learning enmeshed in learning experiences within an in-service programme. All learning experiences within this programme were supported by purposeful and considered facilitator action designed to maintain the programme learning intentions and effectively position teachers as self-directed learners. Therefore, each learning experience cannot be separated from the programme’s overall philosophical underpinnings; meaningful professional learning is derived through actively positioning teachers as producers of professional knowledge and expertise. As a consequence, the facilitator worked to ensure that the learning experiences not only provided teachers with rich opportunities for personally meaningful learning but that these experiences also built teacher capacity to recognise, value and share their own expertise and professional knowledge.


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