Programme Operational Features Enabling Teachers to Be Active Decision Makers

  • Kathleen Smith
Part of the Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices book series (STEP, volume 18)


This chapter identifies the operational features of the in-service programme that actively positioned teachers to make decisions about what really mattered to them for their personal professional learning. Data analysis revealed deliberate approaches to programme design influenced the nature of programme operations and these approaches became distinctive attributes or features of the programme. These features are discussed at length in this chapter in terms of how each acted as catalysts, stimulating a change in teacher thinking and/or behaviour. Collectively these features were interdependent conditions of an overall strategy designed to actively position teachers as self-directed learners. Under these conditions, teachers demonstrated an increasing sense of professional identity, articulated personal principles of professional practice and actively worked through a process of aligning personal professional reasoning with action and recognised the importance of their emerging expertise. Teachers working in these conditions demonstrated specific thinking and action that came to define the nature of the learning they were experiencing. This learning embodied an interconnection of various dimensions of practice: personal, interpersonal, contextual and technical.


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