Dual-Head Pinhole Scan, Pinhole SPECT, and Gamma Correction Scan

  • Yong-Whee BahkEmail author


This chapter presents the technique and clinical application of dual-head planar pinhole scan and pinhole single-photon emission computed tomography (pSPECT). In addition, the essentials and technique of the recently introduced gamma correction pinhole bone scan are discussed. This approach can diagnose cryptic diseases of the bone hitherto undetectable on scintigraphy; examples include occult fractures with edema, hyperemia, and hemorrhage and bone tumors (Bahk et al. (2010) Novel use of gamma correction for precise 99mTc-HDP pinhole bone scan diagnosis and classification of knee occult fractures. Skelet Radiol 39:807–813). Further details and extended clinical uses are considered in Chap.  23.


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