Securitising Piracy and Maritime Terrorism along the Malacca and Singapore Straits: Singapore and the Importance of Facilitating Factors

  • Mark David Chong


Many commentators have noted how difficult it has been to encourage deeper forms of cooperation between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore inter se, as well as with other nations, particularly when their respective state sovereignty appears to be threatened. This study will therefore attempt to examine Singapore’s efforts to create a political climate that was more conducive for substantive joint endeavours through its policy of securitising piracy and maritime terrorism along the Malacca and Singapore Straits. Given the security dimensions involved in this discourse, the approach taken by the Copenhagen School of Security Studies is selected as an analytical tool in which to better interrogate these processes, and in particular, the role that facilitating factors play in expediting or obstructing the securitising of existential threats.


Piracy Maritime terrorism Copenhagen School of Security Studies Facilitating factors Securitising process Cooperation Maritime security 

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  • Mark David Chong
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