Research on Mouse Design Based on Ergonomics

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The rapid development of science and technology makes the mouse become the most commonly used product life and work, but also the most frequent computer equipment, so users gradually the use of mouse proposed more requirements, including comfortable operation, flexible moving and accurate positioning, operation comfort discomfort the most attention. The fatigue caused by long time and high frequency use of mouse is known as the mouse hand. The disease has exerted adverse effect on people’s life and work. In the paper, based on the experimental data of fatigue of using mouse, in-depth analysis was conducted on the bone and meridian of the arm using traditional mouse as well as the wrist force. On the basis of the man–machine factors, the traditional mouse was improved in the design. Besides, the optimization scheme that could reflect mouse comfort and effectively avoid mouse hand was put forward.


Mouse hand Bones and meridian Force situation Man–machine factor Comfort Mouse design 


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