Virtual 3-D Walkthrough for Intelligent Emergency Response

  • Nikhil SaxenaEmail author
  • Vikas Diwan
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 460)


After various cases of terrorist-attacks and other emergency situations across the globe; the need towards the development of virtual 3D walkthrough for the important premises are progressively on the rise (Lee, Zlatanova, A 3D data model and topological analyses for emergency response in urban areas, [1]). In contrast to the conventional 2D layout of the premises; the 3D modeling adds another dimension to make a quick and intelligent emergency response to such situations. Modern 3D modeling and game development tools have given the capability to rapid development of such applications with near real-time rendering capacity. In this paper, we examine the potential of using virtual 3D walkthrough for the important installations that aim at facilitating the security personnel and decision-makers to effectively carryout their training, strategic and operational task in case of emergency or otherwise.


Computer graphics 3D walkthrough Emergency response Safety and security 


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