From Atomic Fission to Splitting Areas of Expertise: When Politics Prevails Over Scientific Proof

  • Cécile Asanuma-Brice


As post-3.11 policies and in particular the decision to restart the Sendai nuclear plant in August 2015 have shown, the disconnect between reality and political acts is now deepening. For this reason, Asanuma-Brice claims for the necessity of a philosophical approach to the problem if we are to understand, and thus better confront, the cause of such commitment to self-destructive behavior. Drawing on the works of Günther Anders, Hannah Arendt, and Hans Jonas, and an extensive field research, this article discusses the question of responsibility and ethics after the triple catastrophe of March 2011 and argues that the deceptive logic at work in Japanese, and global, political, and industrial circles is precisely allowed by a disconnect between knowledge and thought, Asanuma-Brice deconstructs the discourse of nuclear development and return to Fukushima promoted by the nuclear state to enjoin us to start thinking and acting.


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  • Cécile Asanuma-Brice
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