Esterification of Ethanol and Maleic Acid in Packed Bed Reactor Catalyzed by Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Silica (SAFS)

  • Rajkumar SirsamEmail author
  • Ghayas Usmani
Conference paper


This research work was carried out to develop optimum continuous process for the esterification of ethanol with maleic acid by using surface modified sulfonic acid functionalized silica catalyst in a packed bed glass reactor (3 cm ID and 46 cm height) at 80 °C. Optimization of weight of catalyst (gm) and feed flow rate (ml/min) was carried out by using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)—Central Composite Design (CCD). The consistency of statistical model developed by CCD was verified using analysis of variance (ANOVA). The optimum condition for the conversion of maleic acid was 26.42 gm catalyst weight and 3.11 ml/min feed flow rate. The predicted conversion and actual conversion of maleic acid was found to be 47.83 and 46.89 % respectively under the 95 % confidence level of ±0.22. Comparing the conventional batch reactor with packed bed reactor at optimized condition implies that required amount of catalyst per gm of maleic acid is less in PBR. The results obtained shows that the RSM-CCD is adaptable for the maleic acid conversion of current esterification study.


SAFS Esterification Maleic acid Central composite design 



Authors are thankful to TEQIP-II, funded by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of INDIA, New Delhi for the financial support.


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