Convective Heat Transfer

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Analytical solutions, using the boundary layer equations, of some simple convection heat transfer problems, especially the convection with laminar flow, have been presented in this chapter. Solution of momentum equation for laminar flow over a flat plate by Blausius and solution of the integral momentum equation of laminar flow by von Karman are presented for friction factor determination. Pohlhausen’s solution of energy equation and von Karman integral technique (integral analysis of energy equation) for the laminar boundary layer over a flat plate are presented in Sect. 7.7, and the Nusselt number correlations are derived. Semi-empirical treatment of turbulent flow over a flat plate is presented in Sect. 7.8. Friction factor and Nusselt number have been determined for laminar flow in tubes. Eddy viscosity and eddy thermal diffusivity for momentum and heat exchange in turbulent flow have been defined. Reynolds and other analogies have been presented in next sections. Analytical solution of free convection laminar flow on a vertical plate to obtain the relation of Nusselt number has been presented considering the integral momentum and energy equations. In the end, treatment for liquid metal heat transfer has been presented for laminar flow over a flat plate.


Momentum equation Blausius solution Integral momentum equation Von karman solution Energy equation Pohlhausen’s solution Integral analysis of energy equation Eddy viscosity Eddy thermal diffusivity Reynolds analogy Reynolds-Colburn analogy Prandtl-Taylor modification of analogy Liquid metal heat transfer for laminar flow 


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