One-Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction

  • Rajendra KarwaEmail author


In this chapter, the Fourier’s law has been applied to calculate the conduction heat flow in systems where one-dimensional heat flow occurs. The general heat conduction equations in the rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates have been developed. Considering film coefficients, the equation of overall heat transfer coefficient has been presented. Critical radius of insulation for cylindrical and spherical systems has been defined and mathematical expressions for the same have been deduced. A number of illustrative examples have been included on one-dimensional steady-state heat conduction. In the end, basic introduction to the thermal contact resistance has been given.


Thermal conductivity General heat conduction equation Cartesian coordinates Cylindrical coordinates Spherical coordinates Thermal diffusivity One-dimensional steady-state heat conduction Composite wall Overall heat transfer coefficient Critical radius of insulation Thermal contact resistance 


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