Heat Transfer in Condensing Vapours and Boiling Liquids

  • Rajendra KarwaEmail author


The chapter has been divided in two parts. In the first part, the basic modes of condensation have been presented followed by the presentation of the analytical solution due to Nusselt for laminar film condensation on a vertical surface. Turbulent film condensation has been discussed and an empirical relation for estimate of heat transfer coefficient has been given. In the end the factors affecting film condensation have been discussed. The second part of the chapter deals with heat transfer in boiling liquids. Phenomenon of pool boiling has been discussed followed by discussion on forced boiling in vertical and horizontal pipes. Relations for boiling heat transfer in pool boiling are presented.


Filmwise and dropwise condensation Laminar and turbulent films Nusselt’s theory Pool boiling Nukiyama’s boiling curve Nucleate boiling Critical heat flux Leidenfrost point Forced-flow boiling Relations for boiling heat transfer 


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