Introduction to Nanotechnology

  • Costas Demetzos


Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary scientific field that deals with the development and use of materials that can be used to produce devices and products with dimension equal to one billionth of a meter. One nanometer (nm) equals one billionth of a meter (10−9 = 0.000000001). Nanotechnology refers to the science and the technology where the structural units of the matter used in the formation of complex macromolecular systems are in nanoscale. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology is the application of nanotechnology to pharmaceutics in life and health sciences and is based on nanostructured biomaterials, which promote innovative drug delivery systems for therapeutic purposes, advanced diagnostic biosensors, and imagine agents that are dealing with the early diagnosis of the diseases. Nanotechnology is also applied in physical engineering, in electronics, and in the environment and technology.


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