The Work-Marriage Dilemma

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This chapter focuses on young women’s experiences of education, employment and their future marriage in Chinese context. By drawing upon the qualitative data in the research, I aim to provide an insight into the following questions: What expectations do the young Chinese women have for their career? And how do they envisage their marriage and plan for their motherhood in the future? Throughout this chapter, the terms ‘work’ and ‘employment’ are used interchangeably for stylistic variation and simplicity. Strictly speaking, work covers a broader range of activities than employment. In general, data collected from interviews and group discussions around the topic of ‘present-day urban young women in employment’ has revealed both progress and problems regarding to the gender equality issue during China’s societal transformation. Two themes have emerged from data, which are ‘different understandings of “good jobs” and “ideal jobs” for women’ and ‘different strategies to gain opportunities for career development.’


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