Town of Karai: The Only Coal Mining Site in the State of Perak and Its Contribution to the Urban Development

  • Mohd Hasrol Haffiz AliasakEmail author
  • Mhd. Nor Osman
  • Siti Rahayu Zakaria
  • Mohd Farid Sa’ad
  • Nur Lesya Firsya Johaimi Ling
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This study is to identify the history and traces the historical development of the town. The present generation has little knowledge on importance role of place as a commercial hub during the British colonialism. A rubber trader from Singapore discovered coal and this had transformed the isolated settlement into a popular business center due to coal mining activities. Realizing the importance of coal to the British, government constructed a network of modern transportation of the era, adding value to the development of Karai. Construction of the Enggor Bridge which is also known as the Victoria Bridge enabled this small town to connect with other modern colonial towns from all over Malaya and Singapore. However, when coal mining activities discontinued, the town had also loss its glory. The bridge ceased the function and was only used by the villages to connect with each other.


Coal mining industry Economy development Railway connection 


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  • Mhd. Nor Osman
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  • Siti Rahayu Zakaria
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  • Mohd Farid Sa’ad
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  • Nur Lesya Firsya Johaimi Ling
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  2. 2.Faculty of Art and DesignUniversiti Teknologi MARASeri IskandarMalaysia

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