Interact and Higher Proficiency Students: Concluding Perspectives

  • Martin East
Part of the Educational Linguistics book series (EDUL, volume 26)


This chapter concludes the presentation of data from Stage II of this 2-year study. The chapter begins with an issue that is fundamental to realising the full potential of interact, whether at NCEA level 3 or at the lower levels – the issue of washback. Washback is explored initially from the perspective of interviewed teachers. The chapter then turns to the students as key stakeholders and central recipients of the reform, and allows them to have the final word. Findings from the students are drawn from two surveys: a pilot survey (n = 30) aimed at students who were among the last to take converse, and a main survey (n = 119) focused on students who were among the first to take interact. Students’ perspectives, both on converse and, more particularly, on interact, are presented in the light of the challenges and issues raised by their teachers.


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