Broadband and Tunable MMPA

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  • Joo Yull Rhee
  • Young Joon Yoo
  • Ki Won Kim
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Metamaterials (MMs) are artificial materials fabricated to have electromagnetic (EM) properties, which do not exist in nature. Among MMs, MM perfect absorbers (MMPAs) are promising candidates for the practical and rather immediate applications of MMs. In general, MMPA is composed of three layers. The first layer is periodically-arranged metallic patterns, whose structure and geometrical parameters should be carefully adjusted to fulfill the impedance-matching condition with the ambient, suppressing the reflection of incident EM waves. The second layer is a dielectric layer, which allows a space for the EM waves to be dissipated, and sometimes plays a role of resonance cavity to prolong the time taken by the EM waves inside the second layer. The third layer is a continuous metallic plate, blocking the remnant transmission. The properties of general MMPA are the absorption at specific frequency, the narrow absorption band and so on. Therefore, recently many researchers on MMPAs have focused on multi-band, broadband and tunable absorption. In this chapter, various researches so far about multi-band, broadband and tunable MMPAs are presented and reviewed.


Metamaterial perfect absorber (MMPA) Multi-band MMPA Broadband MMPA ultra-broadband MMPA Frequency-tunable MMPA Absorption-tunable MMPA 


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