MMPA, Based on Electromagnetically-Induced Transparency

  • Young Pak LeeEmail author
  • Joo Yull Rhee
  • Young Joon Yoo
  • Ki Won Kim
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 236)


Interests in asymmetric metamaterials (MMs) are increasing due to the existence of fascinating phenomena, such as high-quality-factor Fano resonance, analog of electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT), slow light and chirality. However, there have been few researches studying the application of them to MM perfect absorbers. In this chapter, we discuss about the exploitation of EIT effect and the asymmetric resonators in achieving MM perfect absorbers. By considering the phase coupling between resonators, the EIT can be transformed into the electromagnetically-induced absorption, giving rise to an ultra-narrow and high quality-factor absorption. In addition, breaking the symmetry of resonators can induce multi-resonance that is suitable for developing multi-band or broadband absorption.


Metamaterial Electromagnetically-induced transparency Electromagnetically-induced absorption Asymmetry resonators Perfect absorption Broadband absorption 


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