You Better Lose Yourself!

Reformulated Praxis Theory, Spirituality, and Hip-Hop Aesthetics
Part of the Constructing Knowledge: Curriculum Studies in Action book series (CKCS)


Cultural production in hip-hop has become such a multifarious notion from its original live performance, counter-culture orientation in the South Bronx to its early commercialization with Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”; to its hypercommodification that produced the ubiquitous use of hip-hop in selling everything from sneakers to hamburgers and also created “hip-hop moguls” like Russell Simmons, Diddy, Jay-Z; to the birth of a generation of so-called underground hiphop artists who are more likely to seek to recapture the early counter-hegemonic impulses than their more commercially successful peers.


Human Science Spiritual Experience Spiritual Dimension Praxis Theory Critical Philosophy 
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