The Two Faces of Aaron

Race, culture, and community
  • Richard N. Steinberg


I am white, Jewish, and Ivy League educated. The great majority (probably the entirety) of my students came from families where no one had any of these characteristics. I might have felt completely at ease doing my thing to the best of my ability, but I was a foreigner to the students. In this school, being new and being a foreigner were 2 strikes against me. Mr. Jackson was a veteran teacher at UHS whom I admired greatly. He was a Black man who clearly came across as strong and caring. He was recognized as a successful teacher by the staff and students. I was fortunate that Mr. Jackson was willing to help out a new teacher like me. He asked about how things were going and listened to what I had to say. He offered sensible advice and I was happy to listen. He also invited me to visit his class.


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