Citizenship and the Three C’s

Cogenerative Dialogues, Coteaching and Cosmopolitanism
Part of the Cultural Perspectives in Science Education: Research Dialogs book series (CHPS, volume 3)


The underlying premise of this chapter is that social injustice in the world beyond the classroom is a significant component of the student experiences in schools, and affects what goes on within the classroom (Hacker 1995, DeCruir & Dixson, 2007). The permeation of these inequities through the membranes of safe spaces like schools, has deep sociopsychological effects on students (Williams, 1999), and creates a general disadvantage for students of color (Kao & Thompson, 2006). The result of these disadvantages is that populations who have been victimized by social injustice in spaces beyond the classroom are often ill prepared to be full participants within the urban science classroom.


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