Retroperitoneal Fibrosarcoma

  • Cheng-Hua Luo
  • Shiwei Mei
  • Chengli Miao


It is reported that among 500 cases of fibrosarcoma located in any part of the body, only 3% occurs in the retroperitoneum (Gutierrez et al. 2007). Several cases of mesenteric fibrosarcoma are also reported. With the establishment of strict diagnostic criteria over time, fibrosarcoma is even rarely seen. Since there is an overlap with previous diagnostic criteria, the exact proportion of fibrosarcoma in retroperitoneal tumor is unclear. Of 120 cases of primary retroperitoneal tumor, only 6 were fibrosarcoma as reported by Pack and Tabah (1954a, b). Of 107 cases of retroperitoneal tumor, 5 were fibrosarcoma as reported by Frank and Velasco (2013). Two cases of fibrosarcoma out of 48 cases of retroperitoneal tumor were reported by Felix et al. (1981). A much higher proportion of retroperitoneal fibrosarcoma in primary retroperitoneal tumor (21%) was reported by Donnelly (1946) and Braasch and Mon (1967) (16%).


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