Characteristics and Clinical Manifestations of Retroperitoneal Tumor

  • Cheng-Hua Luo
  • Chengli Miao


Primary retroperitoneal tumors (PRPTs) are a group of neoplasms that originate from the retroperitoneal space excluding those arising in the major retroperitoneal organs, such as the liver, duodenum, pancreas, spleen, kidney, suprarenal gland, ureters, and bone. Also excluded are metastatic malignancies from distant sites. Theoretically the tumors originating from the above retroperitoneal organs, e.g., duodenum, pancreas, and suprarenal gland, belong within the scope of “retroperitoneal tumors”; however, they are considered “visceral tumors” in academics. Many scholars still use the term “retroperitoneal tumor” instead of PRPTs. For convenience, in this book, PRPTs are hereinafter referred to as “retroperitoneal tumors.”


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