Nutrition and Nutritional Deficiency Diseases in Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh (India)

  • Mahendra Bahadur SinghEmail author
  • Vimalesh Kumar Singh


The present study points out substantial variation in food consumption across communities. Hindu respondents have a better dietary intake than the Muslim counterparts. This statement is not in conformity with the NFHS-2 India survey report (1998–1999, p. 161). With regard to composite nutritional status index, 96.9 % of Muslim respondents fall in the category of poor nutritional status whereas in Hindus this proportion is 66.8 %. Religion, education, occupation, and income are important predictors for better nutritional status. Of the total 420 respondents, about 63.3 % are suffering from some kind of deficiency disease. This proportion is slightly higher (68.8 %) in Muslims. Among Hindus, the condition of scheduled caste/scheduled tribe (SC/ST)1,2, respondents is poorer (68.6 %) compared to Other backward classes (OBC)3, and General caste (general caste). Among SC/ST respondents, asthma is most prevalent followed by scurvy, anemia, and dental decay. Among OBC, scurvy is the most prevalent followed by anemia and dental decay. In contrast, general caste respondents suffer more from diabetes, followed by leprosy and asthma.


Poverty Nutritional food intake Composite nutritional status index Multivariate analysis Nutritional deficiency diseases 


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  • Mahendra Bahadur Singh
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    Email author
  • Vimalesh Kumar Singh
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