High Precision Numerical Implementation of Bandlimited Signal Extrapolation Using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions

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An efficient and reliable yet simple method to extrapolate bandlimited signals up to an arbitrarily high range of frequencies is proposed. The orthogonal properties of linear prolate spheroidal wave functions (PSWFs) are exploited to form an orthogonal basis set needed for synthesis. A significant step in the process is the higher order piecewise polynomial approximation of the overlap integral required for obtaining the expansion coefficients accurately with very high precision. A PSWFs set having a fixed Slepian frequency is utilized for performing extrapolation. Numerical results of extrapolation of some standard test signals using our algorithm are presented, compared, discussed, and some interesting inferences are made.


Bandlimited signals High-precision numerical integration Linear prolate spheroidal wave functions Overlap integral Signal extrapolation Slepian series 



The authors thank Jose Gonzalez-Cueto and William Phillips for their helpful suggestions on the material. Partial support by Applied Science in Photonics and Innovative Research in Engineering (ASPIRE), a program under Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, is also acknowledged.


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