Practical Approach in Design of HVAC Systems Utilizing Geothermal Energy

  • M. Fathizadeh
  • D. Seims
Conference paper


Geothermal is the Earth’s thermal energy. In recent years geothermal energy has been utilized for generation of electricity, heating and air conditioning (HVAC). Geothermal HVAC systems are cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling buildings. The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have both endorsed geothermal HVAC systems. Their flexible design requirements make them a good choice for schools, high-rises, government’s buildings, commercial and residential properties. Lower operating and maintenance costs, durability, and energy conservation make geothermal a great alternative to conventional HVAC systems. This chapter gives the step-by-step for estimate, design, calculation, procurement, installation and commissioning of geothermal heating and air conditioning system for residential or small businesses. A comparison between the conventional HVAC and the geothermal counterpart is provided to demonstrate their advantages.


Air conditioning Energy Efficiency Geothermal Green energy Heating Renewable Ventilation 


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