Performance Evaluation of the Valveless Micropump with Piezoelectric Actuator

  • Chiang-Ho Cheng
Conference paper


To meet the rising need in biological and medical applications, the innovative micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technologies have realized an important progress of the micropump as one of the essential fluid handling devices to deliver and control precise amounts of fluids flowing along a specific direction. This paper aims to present the design, fabrication and test of a novel piezoelectrically actuated valveless micropump. The micropump consists of a piezoelectric actuator, a vibration plate, a stainless steel chamber plate with membrane and integrated diffuser/nozzle bulge-piece design, an acrylic plate as the top cover to form the channel with the channel plate and two glass tubes for delivery liquid. The chamber and the vibration plate were made of the stainless steel manufactured using the lithography and etching process based on MEMS fabrication technology. The experimental results demonstrate that the flow rate of micropump accurately controlled by regulating the operating frequency and voltage. The flow rate of 1.59 ml/min and back pressure of 8.82 kPa are obtained when the micropump is driven with alternating sine-wave voltage of 240 Vpp at 400 Hz. The micropump proposed in this study provides a valuable contribution to the ongoing development of microfluidic systems.


Actuator Diffuser Micropump Nozzle Piezoelectric Valveless 



This paper represents part of the results obtained under the support of the National Science Council, Taiwan, ROC (Contract No. NSC101-2221-E-212-002-).


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