Base Isolation Testing Via a Versatile Machine Characterized by Robust Tracking

  • Salvatore Strano
  • Mario Terzo
Conference paper


A non-linear robust control of a multi-purpose earthquake simulator has been designed and experimentally tested. The test rig is characterized by a double functionality based on two configurations of the hydraulic actuation system. Due to the several operating conditions, the system is affected by structured and unstructured uncertainties that require a robust approach for the control of the position. Starting from a non-linear dynamic model, a sliding control is developed taking into account the incomplete knowledge of the system. The experimental results highlight the goodness of the proposed control in terms of stability and tracking error.


Earthquake simulator Hydraulic actuator Robust control Seismic isolator Shaking table Vibration control 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Dipartimento di Ingegneria IndustrialeUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico IINaplesItaly

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