A Novel Feedback Control Approach for Networked Systems with Probabilistic Delays

  • Magdi S. Mahmoud
Conference paper


The networked control system (NCS) design for continuous-time systems with probabilistic delays is discussed in this paper. The delay is assumed to follow a given probability density function. A novel design scheme for the output feedback controller is developed to render the closed-loop networked system exponentially mean-square stable with \( H_{\infty } \) performance requirement. A numerical example is provided to show the advantages of the proposed technique.


Exponential mean-square stability Networked control systems Output feedback control Packet dropout Probabilistic delays Varying sample interval 



The author would like to thank the deanship for scientific research (DSR) at KFUPM for financial support through research group project RG-1316-1.


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  1. 1.Systems Engineering DepartmentKFUPMDhahranSaudi Arabia

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