Evidence-Based Approach for the Management of Cerebral Metastases from Lung Adenocarcinoma

  • Mustafa Yavuz Samanci
Part of the Tumors of the Central Nervous System book series (TCNS, volume 14)


Adenocarcinoma is the most common histologic subtype of lung cancer in most countries, accounting for almost half of all lung cancers. A considerable proportion of non-small-cell lung cancer [NSCLC] patients will develop central nervous system [CNS] metastases throughout the course of their disease and these manifestations cause significant morbidity and mortality. Thus, aggressive management of cerebral metastases is vital to preventing death from neurological causes and prolonging functional independence. This chapter focuses on current knowledge of pathology, imaging and management of brain metastases from lung adenocarcinoma and outlines a practical approach for the management of cerebral metastases.


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