Fourty Years of Solar Spectroscopy

  • M. Minnaert
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The subject of this lecture is evidently expected to correspond more or less with the subject of this symposium. It seems almost impossible to survey in one hour or so the extremely wide field of solar spectroscopy and to do full justice to its bewildering riches. Fortunately I am speaking for specialists; each name which I may quote evokes directly for you the memory of one of the pioniers of science, with his discoveries, his errors, his contentions, his victories. For me perhaps even more than for you, the story of solar spectroscopy is at the same time the story of my life. I started solar work in the year when Saha established his equation; I married while we made the first photometry of the flash spectrum; our atlas was published at the outbreak of worldwar II. How could I transfer to you the personal associations which for me are connected with the progressive evolution of our science ? Still I understand that you wish to hear at least some particular references to my own work, and I shall be happy to include these here and there.


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