Discussion on the Active Chromosphere

  • J. Evans
  • M. Rigutti
  • W. De Graaff
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Pecker. On spectra secured by Dr. Michard, Miss Sivirine of the Meudon Observatory, has been measuring several Hα and Hγ profiles in moustaches. These are defined essentially by the measured parameters a, b, c in Figure 1. Note that a is positive, contrary to the more extreme cases described by Dr. Severny. She has computed what type of perturbation can account for these results: its depth is well determined by a ; (τ0 ≈ 10-5 to 5·10-5). The data b and c give two equations almost identical to each other; the system is thus badly determined: one only can say that ΔP e /P e = 40% and ΔT = 100°K; but an increase of the pressure perturbation, and a decrease of the temperature effect is largely allowed.


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